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Medication Support for indigent

1.Diabetes Support Program:

In collaboration with the Vivekananda Health Centre of the Ramakrishna Math we have been providing comprehensive care for people with Diabetes mellitus including supply of insulin to the needy thereby restoring their ability to have a livelihood with dignity and autonomy.

Patients have been coming from far off places like Adilabad (about 300kms), Warangal (about 100 kms), Mahbubnagar (about 100kms) and all walks of life, with diverse life styles to RK Math for diabetes treatment. ICHHA partnered with RK Math more than 3 years ago to provide specialized consultation, distribution of free insulin with pens to the needy patients. Our dedicated doctors have been providing high-quality, uninterrupted in-person service initially and through our 'Telemedicine' application specifically developed to meet requirements during COVID days.

We have been organizing sessions in collaboration with large pharmaceutical companies to train, provide valuable material and empower RK Math staff for effective dissemination of right knowledge to the patients continuously. Combined with DR Dinaker's education for the patients has helped patients with visible improvement in their health. The huge demand for ICHHA tickets substantiates the improvement in quality of health. Patients experiencing uncontrolled sugar levels of over 300 Fasting, are referred to us. We have around 20 regular patients and a floating number of 7. We are counselling the ‘irregular’ group with a focus on reaching out to them. We are dispensing nearly 40 insulin cartridges every month. Our strict tracking protocols have effectively eliminated misuse of cartridges.

We provide consultation to 5 patients in a week totalling around 20 in a month. For Dr Dinaker this is of highest priority. Our telemedicine technology allows for uninterrupted consultation.


1.Patient Name: Naseeruddin. Age 56, Gender: M Comments: “Very happy with the treatment and especially happy with the doctor” Sugar Level before: FBS: 249, PLBS: 332 Sugar Levels Now: FBS: 69 PLBS: 127


Availed Insulin for 10 months. STOPPED Now

2.Patient Name: Subadra. Age 50, Gender: F Comments: “Feel very happy and want to be associated with Dr Dinaker and avail Insulin for long term” Sugar Level before: FBS: 350, PLBS: 560 Sugar Levels Now: FBS: 141 PLBS: 180


Availed Insulin for 9 months. STOPPED Now

3.Patient Name: Padmavati. Age: 68. Gender F Comments: “I am very happy without having to take Insulin my sugar levels have come under control. My regular visits with Dr Dinaker has helped me and I will continue” Sugar Level before: FBS: 295, PLBS : 375 Sugar Levels Now: FBS: 128, PLBS: 202


Not on Insulin from Day1.

HAPPEN (Health Advancement Peer Partners Empowerment Network) is a long-term project that will explore new paradigms in human health using technologic; social and cultural tools in concert with institutions of civil society as well as individual members of the community being served. Anchored in concepts of “One Health” And “One Planet”


Traditionally “Health” has definitions that are overwhelmingly influenced by providers of health care and elements of the social and political elite. The predominant concepts that address “Health” have always had an almost purely bio-medical foundation. HAPPEN needs to and will explore other dimensions of defining “Health” by an inclusive; systematic; objective analytic process involving representative members of society at large. Anchored in “Salutogenesis” which is the formation of health. This process will integrate the environment; animals as well as other social determinants of health into a comprehensive, compassionate continuum.


Advancement necessarily implies a positive change in “Status Quo”. Objectivity is however imperative therefore HAPPEN will use both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to define both the goals and metrics of health parameters addressing the individual and community.


Peer groups facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences and perhaps are a potential means of enforcing relevance to prevailing conditions geographically and temporally.


Partnership with every stakeholder in health is the key to health advancement. Facilitating partnerships of HAPPEN program personnel; within and across peer groups and other constituents of civil society will be used as part of the process of establishing as well as refining the goals and metrics of advancing “Health”.


Knowledge will facilitate empowerment and the dissolution of barriers to individual and collective advancement of “Health”. HAPPEN will promote health literacy as a means of empowering people to take ownership of their health.


Networks influence attitudes towards health; impact on communicable diseases and the ability to access health services. HAPPEN program personnel will use analysis of social networks in fostering the development of enhanced networks positively impacting health of individuals and communities.

HAPPEN Priority domains:

  • 1)The epidemic of “Metabolic Syndrome” with consequent complications of diabetes; stroke; cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.
    • a. Screening with biometrics for early diagnosis (modified WHO STEPS)
    • b.Promoting healthy habits of nutrition and exercise
    • c.Promoting active involvement of the community in “Basic Life Support”
  • 2)Communicable diseases: STI & HIV; Respiratory Infections & Tuberculosis; Food Borne Pathogens; Rabies; Malaria; Dengue.
    • a. Screening with syndromic surveillance (modified CDC tools)
    • b.Promoting voluntary counselling and testing.
    • c.Promoting community involvement in hygiene and sanitation (WASH).
    • d.Food safety program for food vendors in communityy.
    • e.Infection prevention program for health service providers.
    • f.Collaboration with public health agencies for addressing rabies; malaria and other communicable diseases.
    • g.Mental health.
    • h.One Health One Planet participatory action strategies for community health and resilience.

2.HAPPEN-URBAN (Hyderabad, Telangana State India)

The locality Padmarao Nagar falls in Hyderabad district situated in Telangana state, with a population 48337. The male and female populations are 24517 and 23820 respectively, however the population size chosen for implementing this project is 5000. The size of the area is about 2.51 square kilometers. Our partner GYD diagnostics and Clinics has been serving this community for over 15 years.

3.HAPPEN-Tribal (Telangana Sate India)

Health camps for Chenchus in Amanagiri Mandal of Mahbubnagar district Continuing the efforts initiated for the benefit of Chenchu tribes, a team of doctors, nurses, and paramedical staffs with necessary Medicines, visited tribal hamlets located in the river Krishna as islands in Amargiri Mandal on 24-26 February, 10-12 March, and on 24-26, March, 2018. The team had interaction with the tribal population and noted that, the people are afraid of their displacement from the forest and requested development activities at their door step not at other far place from forest. It was evident that, there is lack of health facilities and it has been suggested for having at least thrice a week Boat clinic. We are planning to explore efforts to increase both health and basic education services onsite for this marginalized population.

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