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International Center Human Health Advancement (ICHHA) is an enterprise dedicated to advancing human health through partnership and empowerment by improving health literacy and advocacy of the "One Health" concept. ICHHA strives to provide equity in access to health as it is fundamental to human development. ICHHA aims to develop innovative services for human health advancement through designing and building ideal living environments, health resorts, hospitals and by harmonizing environmental, social, cultural and technological tools through research using global standards.

ICHHA has a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in research, management, public health, epidemiology, social work, laboratory, infectious diseases, Anti Retroviral Treatment management, among other areas of medical and health care. ICHHA has been constantly working since its inception in 2013 to provide health care services to society based on voluntary effort and altruistic motive.

ICHHA members have a strong track record of international collaborative work in public health including HIV and have several presentations in international conferences as well as peer reviewed publications. Members of ICHHA have built strategic relationships in India with Health Care Providers, NGOs and premier educational Institutions.

The main objectives of ICHHA:

1. Design and develop ecologically sound living environment that promotes human health with collaborative and participatory efforts with the community. Such an environment needs to be in harmony with nature and free off toxic substances including industrial waste products.

2. Design and develop hospitals that provide cost-effective care in economically disadvantaged communities.

3. Promote development of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions including natural products to improve the health of humans.

4. Develop strategies using technological, social and cultural tools to advance health sciences research in order to improve human health.

5. Encourage and promote public health education within the framework of legal, ethical, moral and professional standards.


  • Dr Vijay Yeldandi is Clinical Professor at University of Illinois, Chicago. As an Infectious Diseases Clinician, his interest has been HIV/AIDS and transplant patients. He is one of the founding members of MediCiti and MediCiti Immunology & Infectious Diseases & Research Institute – MIIDRI. His contributions to HIV/AIDS has been recognized through numerous awards including: Golden Apple award in 2003, Westlake Hospital; Award for excellence in teaching from Loyola University and Grant Hospital of Chicago; Distinguished Physician Award in 2007 from IAMA of Illinois, Most Distinguished Physician Award in 2005 from the Osmania University Medical Alumni Association of America.

  • Dr Ganesh Oruganti, is a Microbiologist. Currently he is the managing director of GYD Diagnostics and Reference Laboratories Pvt Ltd. He also serves as the Executive Director for SHARE India. He has been a consultant for Sunshine Hospitals, Secunderabad, South India. Earlier he was attached to MediCiti Hospitals as Director, Laboratory Services.

    He continued in this position for over a decade (1997-2007). During this time he also worked as the Director of Department of Transfusion Medicine - MediCiti, Chairman - Infection Control Committee, MediCiti and Professor of Microbiology, MIMS. He also served under various capacities at Tadaman National Clinic, Riyadh, Medwin Hospitals, Gandhi Medical College and National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad.

  • Dr. Dinaker is Chief Physician, GYD Clinics & Diagnostics, Secunderabad, South India. He has served as the Director of Department of Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Disorders at Sunshine Hospitals. Dr. Dinaker has completed his post graduation from PGI, Chandigarh. He was the Director, Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at MediCiti Hospitals, Hyderabad for 15 years. He is also Professor of Medicine at MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences, Ghanpur, Medchal (M). He brings to the table over 2 decades of medical experience and has delivered lectures in several seminars and international forums. He has Authored Peer-Reviewed Publications.

  • Mr. Deepak Homma has over 25 years of experience driving business excellence across Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, IT. Areas of focus are Process management: Designing and deploying streamlined business processes and automating;Client Relationship management; Quality Management to ensure Client Delight and higher Margins.

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